SOS Click stands for Save On Steroids and its purpose is to allow the user to save work created using Microsoft Office on up to 8 different locations using one click, saving the hassle of saving to each location separately.

The add-in gives you the peace of mind you need when it comes to saving your work. Let’s say you want to save an important contract, financial report or presentation and you want to make sure nothing wrong gets in the way. Just click on the life belt icon and your work will be saved at the locations you specify. No need to worry anymore if anything happens to your local hard drive, your flash drive or perhaps your internet connection is down or your work becomes encrypted due to a ransomware attack. And these things tend to happen at the least favorable moment just when you need your material like before a meeting.

Word, Excel and PowerPoint versions 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019. Both 32 and 64 bit editions are supported.

When you set up Google Drive, it doesn’t occupy a field of its own among the fields you can configure but rather changes its button to signal it’s setup for use with Google Drive. Therefore, you practically have 8 destinations.

No, since Google Drive doesn’t occupy a field of its own you need to specify at least one more location where you want to save your work. It’s better to stay on safe side and this is the purpose of this add-in and therefore, the first two fields are mandatory.

Please follow this link from Google where they explain how to generate an app-specific password. This password can be used in lieu of the usual password you use to login. Please repeat the same procedure for Google Drive as well in case you want to save there.

This option allows you to share your mail and Google Drive settings including the app-specific password (if applicable) across Word, Excel and PowerPoint instead of setting them up separately. It doesn’t share the places where you choose to save your files.

Sure, just make sure to download the 32 bit version.

Yes, you can integrate the icon to be part of the Office Quick Access Toolbar (QAT). Please follow these instructions from Microsoft.