What is SOS Click?

SOS Click is an add-on for Microsoft Office which allows you to save your work (Word, Excel and PointPoint) to multiple places ensuring your work is always available when you need it the most. Computer crashes, hard drive failures and internet connectivity issues will be all things you won’t have to worry about with SOS Click – always save your work everywhere in a single click! Click below to learn more about its capabilities

Microsoft Office Add-in SOS Click

All in One Solution to Save Your Data in Multiple Locations

SOS Click is a unique solution to save your Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations to many places in one click. Backup your files to different folders on your local hard drive, flash drive, on Google Drive, Dropbox or by email so that you will never loose your data. Don’t panic when you loose access to your cloud storage or Google services or when your internet connectivity is down. Now you can have a copy of your work at up to 8 different places with a time-saving click.

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